Satellite Phone FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Satellite phone usage and satellite phone networks.


1. Video – Demo how to use a Satellite phone.
2. When renting a Satellite phone, is there more than 10 minutes?
Yes, some of them have over 300 minutes available.
3. What happens when those minutes run out?
We get a message from the network, Nil balance. We will then recharge with another 50 minutes, only pay what you use. Some Satellite phones will recharge automatically with 50 minutes on the 1st of every month.
4. Where can I purchase air time & data and bandwidth?
You can purchase from Satellite Rentals & Sales – Please send your Satellite Number & airtime/ Data/ Bandwidth you require and a quote will be sent to you.
5. I have another sim card from another service provider, I want to take advantage of your prices, what is the procedure?
You would have to purchase a new sim card, which means a new number. FREE Isat PRO sim cards, as well as BGAN sim cards.
For purposes of this Agreement the Hirer accepts and acknowledges any damage, loss, theft and access due.

7.1.1 The Hirer hereby assumes and shall bear the entire risk of loss and damage to the Equipment from any and every cause. The Hirer shall be responsible to maintain insurance on the Equipment with losses payable to the Lessor against damage, loss, fire, theft, collision, and other such risks as are appropriate and specified by the Lessor. (Client’s own insurance), OR

7.1.2 The Hirer hereby assumes and shall bear the entire risk of loss and damage to the Equipment from any and every cause. The Hirer shall be responsible to maintain the full Excess on the Equipment with losses payable to the Lessor against damage, loss, fire, theft, collision, and other such risks as are appropriate and specified by the Lessor. (Satellite Rentals & Sales Insurance), OR

7.1.3 The Hirer hereby assumes and shall bear the entire risk of loss and damage to the Equipment from any and every cause. The Hirer shall be responsible to maintain the full deposit/part of on the Equipment with losses payable to the Lessor against damage, loss, fire, theft, collision, and other such risks as are appropriate and specified by the Lessor. (Deposit).

Under written by: Clientele Lawyers Policy No: 952199627

Isat Pro’s – Satellite Phone

1. What do I dial for outgoing calls?
+ (or) 00 (area code) SA 27, telephone number without the 0. Sample 0027718879393
2. Can a GPS fix be obtained manually?
Menu, GPS position.
3. What features does the IsatPhone Pro have?
Global Satellite (including Bluetooth for hands free use) voicemail, SMS text and email messaging and GPS location data (view position and text).
4. What coverage is available for the IsatPhone Pro?
Globally, except the Poles & Ethiopia.
5. What is the format to send an email to the IsatPhone Pro?
Format to send an email to the IsatPhone Pro is This is covered in the user Guide supplied with the handset.
6. How to check balance on the IsatPhone Pro?
Dial *106#
7. How is the voicemail feature accessed on the IsatPhone Pro?
To retrieve and listen to voice mails press and hold down the 1 key, or dial 57. This will then automatically dial your voice mail inbox. Alternatively you can dial the voicemail box directly on +870 772 001 899 and press the green key to dial.
8. How long are messages retained when an email is sent to the SMS service?
Inmarsat will keep email messages sent to the SMS service for up to 72 hours.
9. How long SMS messages kept in the system are is undelivered Inmarsat numbers?
SMS messages are kept in the system for a maximum of 7 days.
10. How do I send a sms?
Menu, Message, New.
11. Can I go onto the internet with this Satphone?
12. Where is the IMEI number found on the IsatPhone Pro?
The IMEI number is displayed under Menu > Settings > About.
13. Where is the firmware version found on the IsatPhone Pro?
The firmware version is displayed under Menu > Settings > About.
14. Where is the IMSI (SIM card number) found on the IsatPhone Pro?
The IMSI number is displayed under Menu > Settings > About.
15. Can a GPS fix be obtained manually?
If the phone continues to show the GPS fix required icon (which means that a new GPS fix is needed) select Menu > GPS position. The new GPS fix is displayed. When this screen is open, the phone will attempt to refresh the GPS fix every 30 seconds.
16. How does the IsatPhone Pro obtain a GPS fix?
Before a call can be made, the phone needs a GPS fix so it can be located by the satellite. This happens automatically, but if a new GPS fix is needed the GPS fix icon will be displayed on the screen. The phone should be kept in the open with a clear view of the sky until the icon on the screen disappears. Once this is done the phone is now ready to register with the network.
17. How does the IsatPhone Pro connect to the Inmarsat network?
Stand outside with a clear view of the sky with the phone antenna pointing upwards. There must be a clear line of sight between the phone’s antenna and the satellite. The more sky you can see the stronger the signal should be from the satellite. If open sky makes up about 70% of your view when you look up, then the signal should be strong. ‘Searching satellite’ will appear on the screen. The top left of the screen will display ‘Inmarsat’ when your phone is connected to the satellite. The signal bars indicate the signal strength. At least two signal bars are required to make and receive calls.
18. How is the IsatPhone Pro switched on and off?
Hold down the red key, which is found on the top right of the main keypad, until the screen lights up. The first time you use your phone, use the navigation keys to select your language and set the time zone. To switch off, hold down the red key until the screen shuts down.
19. How is the SIM card inserted into the IsatPhone Pro?
Remove the battery cover by using a coin to turn the screw slot on the back of the IsatPhone Pro until it is vertical. If the battery is in place, lift it out. Slide the catch down on the SIM holder and flip it outwards. Make sure the angled corner of your SIM card is on your left and slide it into the holder. Flip the holder back into place and slide the catch back up. Insert the battery, replace the cover, and turn the screw slot until it is horizontal.
20. How long does it take to get a GPS fix for a new IsatPhone Pro phone?
When attempting to get a GPS fix (including after upgrading the firmware) for a new IsatPhone Pro, it can take between 20 to 90 seconds to get a full GPS fix
21. What is the IsatPhone Pro battery life?
IsatPhone Pro battery life is 8 hours talk time and up to 100 hours standby time. If a user experiences a reduced battery life then the firmware version should be checked to ensure that the latest version is installed.
22. How is the keypad locked on the IsatPhone Pro?
You can lock the keypad by pressing the mains key in the centre of the phone followed by the * key. Only the green and red buttons will be active now.
23. How is the IsatPhone Pro’s battery charged?
Plug the charger into the power source. Then connect the mini USB connector from the plug into the base of the phone. Leave to charge until battery is full (it’s important to fully charge when first purchased).
24. How is an incoming call declined before it is answered on the IsatPhone Pro?
When there is an incoming call and the phone is ringing you can press the red button to decline it. The details of the calling party will now be stored in the call register, under missed calls.
25. How is the redial feature used on the IsatPhone Pro?
If you press the green button you can see a list of the previous numbers which you have dialled. Cycle through the numbers with the cursor keys, and l press the green button again when you reach the one you want to call.
26. How is an ongoing call terminated on the IsatPhone Pro?
Press the red button to end/terminate a call.
27. What should be done if the handset interface freezes during an IsatPhone Pro data sessions?
Ensure that the latest firmware is installed on the handset.
28. Can the IsatPhone Pro be used at sea?
IsatPhone Pro is part of Inmarsat’s land portfolio and can be successfully used on land. It is designed to be used at sea with a maritime dock and antenna. When maritime environmental conditions are calm, users may have success using it hand-held, but is not designed for such use at sea. To gain the best performance at sea, use IsatPhone Pro in conjunction with a maritime docking station with a maritime antenna. These can be purchased from Beam Communications.
29. What is provisioned for emergency calling outside the USA for the IsatPhone Pro?
Emergency calling is not supported on the IsatPhone Pro outside the USA.
30. What is the total weight of the IsatPhone Pro complete with box and accessories?
The total weight including handset, battery, box, and accessories is 948g (2.09lb).
31. How does the IsatPhone Pro indicate a network connection?
In the top left hand corner of the screen “Inmarsat” will be displayed beneath “IsatPhone”, and four beeps will be heard when the phone is connected to the network.
32. Is there a Chinese keypad version of the IsatPhone Pro?
PINYIN input of simplified Chinese is available. This is achieved by phonetically entering the ‘sound’ of characters and requires the user to select from a list of relevant characters. The phonetic entry is achieved through Latin character input.
33. Why is the IsatPhone Pro battery not charging?
When a battery is dead the display will show a black screen. It can take 5-7 minutes to appear to start charging. This is because it needs some charge to light the back screen and show the battery icon charging
34. How can contacts be synchronised using the IsatPhone Pro?
The Swift Broadband drivers must be installed before the synchronisation tool is run
35. Does the IsatPhone Pro support Fixed Number Dialling?
The Isat Phone Pro supports Fixed Number Dialling. This allows the administrator of the phone to lock outgoing calls to specific numbers or prefixes. The Fixed Number Dialling feature is switched on and off from the Security menu and requires the PIN2 code (9999 by default). The user then goes to “Contacts”, where the “FND” section allows numbers to be typed in or copied from the phonebook. With Fixed Number Dialling switched on, these are the only numbers that can be dialled. The other phone numbers stored on the phone remain available for browsing but not calling. The User Guide for the IsatPhone Pro provides a more in-depth description of this process.

Iridium – Satellite Phone

1. Video – How to use a Satellite phone.
2. What do I dial for outgoing calls?
+ (or) 00 (area code) SA 27, telephone number without the 0. Sample 0027718879393
3. What rates would the caller pay to phone me on my Satellite phone?
The rates are set by the network the caller is phoning from. You need to call your service provider (cell, Telkom, etc) to request rates.
4. How do I check my balance?
Dial +2888 from you Satellite phone.
5. What happens if I have my air time has expired?
You will lose all your previous minutes, if you do not recharge within 12 months. If you have Expired, you have 3 months to recharge to keep the same Satellite number.
6. What areas does the Iridium Sat phone not work in?
Works everywhere.
7. Can I go onto the internet with this Sat phone?
You can, up to 2.4 & 9.6kbps. It is not suitable for internet.
8. How do I obtain an unblock code?
Call Fluxion Customer Support. Enter **05* followed by the code they provide.
9. Will my phone work inside a building?
No the phone works on line of sight technology and requires a clear view to the satellite.
10. How do I know when I am logged on to a satellite?
You will see an icon of a “house” and a “globe” on the LCD screen.
11. What happens if I cannot see a satellite from my location?
Try re-registering the phone by pressing the “up” arrow followed by the number “8” or power cycle the unit (turn it off then back on). If this doesn’t help then move to another location where you might have a better view to the horizon.
12. Does my handheld phone work on a boat?
Not necessarily. We recommend you use a marine antenna to improve your call success rate.
13. How do I use call forwarding?
Hit the “menu” key. Scroll with the right and left arrow keys to “call related features” and hit “ok.” Scroll down again until you see “call forwarding” and hit “OK.” Select the type of forwarding you require by hitting the OK button.
14. How do I set up my voicemail?
Hit the “envelope” key on the handset. Use the right arrow to scroll to “Message Settings” and hit OK You should see “voicemail number select.” Hit “OK.” Now enter the number 00881662990000 and hit OK Hit the “C” button to go back to main. From this point forward all you have to do is hit the envelope key followed by OK and your phone will dial into the messaging center.
15. How do I retrieve my voicemail messages?
After calling the messaging center, you will be prompted to enter your Iridium phone number. As soon as you hear the next prompt hit the “*” key. You will then be prompted to enter your password, which are the last 7 digits of your Iridium phone number (default). Follow the prompts to hear your messages.
16. How do I know if my Iridium is data capable?
Call Fluxion Customer Support and have your SIM Serial number ready (located on back of SIM card or chip).
17. What is the MSISDN-C?
The MSISDN-C is your Iridium Data number.
18. What is ICC-ID?
The ICC-ID is the Serial Number of your sim card. If at any time the customers loses the sim card details, this number can be quoted to Fluxion to get the relevant information.


1. What is a BGAN?
BGAN M2M is a global, mobile, two-way IP data service. Using the Inmarsat global satellite network.

Supporting an extensive range of solutions, BGAN M2M can increase efficiencies of various vertical markets and activities, including:

  • Utilities: smart grid, smart metering, distribution automation
  • Oil and Gas: wellhead, pump and pipeline monitoring
  • Transportation: tracking of fleets – trucks, vessels, railway tracks
  • Retail banking: secure ATM and point of sale solutions
  • Fixed monitoring: remote surveillance, telemetry, tracking
  • Environmental monitoring: water management systems, weather stations, wind turbine.
  • IP Addressing: ease your distant connection to BGAN M2M devices with a choice of private/public and dynamic/static IP addresses.
  • Dedicated access: optimize data transfer from anywhere.
2. What are the BGAN services?
Internet, Phone, Fax, ISDN, SMS, Texting, streaming services, video.
3. Where does the BGAN work?
Anywhere except the poles & Ethiopia.
4. Why would I use the BGAN?
It is mobile for remote areas. When you are streaming, no else shares with your speed when you are steaming, your speeds are predictable and transmission will not be installed.
5. How fast is the BGAN?
There are different speeds for each BGAN. It depends on your application.
6. Can I get a Static/Public IP address for my BGAN?
Yes, one or more Public IP addresses are available. IP will stay Public. This is perfect for high security applications.
7. What exactly is Broadband Global Area Network a.k.a. Bgan?
The Broadband Global Area Network commonly referred to as simply ‘Bgan’ is a network of 3 I-4 satellites in geostationary orbit built, launched and managed by Inmarsat, a premier provider of satellite The location and orbit of each satellite is such that the network can provide seamless coverage on land, at sea or up in the air for that matter. There are many Bgan terminals and service plans to choose from depending on your application.

BGAN Website

8. Is there a “Welcome to BGAN” Video?
9. Where is the Bgan coverage area?
To view a map of the Bgan coverage area simply click here. Within the shaded area all Bgan services are available to subscribers however subscribers may experience lower throughput speeds at fringes and there is no coverage at the poles. Remember the further north/south your location the more your terminal may need to be pointed towards the equator (horizon). Regardless of your longitude service will always be available across all 3 satellites.
10. Is Bgan service available with my terminal when I travel globally?
Your Bgan Satellite terminal will provide service under any of the 3 satellites indicated by the coverage map. In fact your terminal hardware package includes a 110-220v power kit with a suite of global plug kits that will allow you power and charge your battery seamlessly across the globe. An optional 12v DC car charger is also available and where to fit wherever coverage is indicated can be used anywhere on the Bgan coverage map.
11. What is the transmission speed or throughput of Bgan?
The speed at which data can be transmitted is first and foremost a function of the terminal size. The smaller the antennae the slower the max throughput, which currently hovers around 150kbps, for maritime as well as land-based fixed, portable and mobile. The largest terminals offer speeds excess of 450kbps or about ½ an Mb. For the larger terminals there is a service option called Bgan X-treme which can boost throughput for streaming applications up to 700kbps and higher.
12. Which bgan terminal is best for my application?
When selecting a terminal the answer to 2 questions will narrow down the search dramatically:

  1. Will the terminal be used in a vehicle or not?
  2. How much throughput do I need for my application?>

Answers to the above will typically leave 2 or 3 choices to select from. This is a complete comparative list of mobile vehicle Bgan terminals and this is a list of portable Bgan terminals that can also be accessorized for fixed/permanent mount installations.

13. Is Telephone service available on Bgan to make calls?
Yes, a phone line is available on your Bgan terminal to make phone calls. A dedicated phone number is provisioned with your Bgan service enabling subscribers to make and receive calls. An RJ-11 port located on your Bgan terminal will any standard phone but we recommend a handset that is analogy and does not require additional power. A Bgan handset for voice calls is available as a convenient accessory for your Bgan terminal.
14. Is Fax service available on my Bgan terminal?
Your Bgan terminal is also FAX capable and like telephone will work with most standard fax machines. A dedicated FAX number is provisioned as with phone service however be sure to request that the service is provisioned at time of activation. Utilizing FAX service works as seamlessly as voice over a telephone line, is available at no additional charge and completes your mobile office in the field.
15. Should I utilize VOIP to make calls over satellite with Bgan?
The answer is definitely NO. VOIP calling utilizes far more bandwidth then the standard telephone service line already available and provisioned with your Bgan terminal.
16. Do I need any technical support to acquire a signal and use my Bgan?
Not in the slightest. In fact your Bgan terminal has a built-in LCD that lets you know where to position the terminal for the optimal signal. Generally you just need to point the Bgan terminal toward the equator and you’ll see signal strength as soon as you power up the unit. Then just rotate the terminal accordingly to maximize the signal strength utilizing the LCD display. Still not sure? No worries! Most Bgan terminals include an audible sensor that will beep when the signal is optimal. No technical degree or certification is required. Once you have installed (before your mission) and started Bgan Launchpad, a software package for your laptop, you will have additional tools to secure a signal and register with the network. Launchpad will continuously display your position including elevation and the respective compass points of your position. The entire process takes no more than 5-minutes.
17. How do I connect my laptop to the Bgan terminal?
All Bgan terminals include an Ethernet (RJ-45) port for seamless connectivity between you, the satellite network and the Internet or your companies Intranet. Many of the higher end terminals will even include 2 Ethernet ports. Higher-end Bgan terminals such as the Hughes 9200 series and explorer 700 will support multiple simultaneous data connections and it is not unusual to add an ethernet router where physical connections are desired over Wi-Fi.
18. Can you connect to a Bgan unit via Wi-Fi?
Yes. At this time the Cobham Explorer 500 and 700 supports Wi-Fi as does the Hughes 9200 terminal series. Encryption and password protection is standard with the built-in router of your Bgan terminal. All of the Bgan vehicle terminals have built-in Wi-Fi access/connectivity as well.
19. What is the Bgan interface and Launchpad?
Accessing the Bgan interface is required to initiate a service connection (note: you must FIRST have a connection to your Bgan terminal via Wi-Fi or Ethernet). There are 2 ways to access the Bgan interface from your computer. The first and best is through Launchpad, a Bgan utility that you should download and install on your computer BEFORE you leave on your mission. Launchpad is available as a PC and Mac application. To save yourself some time you can configure the terminal to auto-register which will also initiate a data session seamlessly after a signal acquisition which will forgo Launchpad entirely. Bgan satellite can configure your Bgan terminal before it ships upon request.
20. How long does the activation process take?
Bgan Satellite activations are registered same day, including weekends, however we ask all of our subscribers to allow for 24-hours between activation submission and terminal use.
21. Do I need to be outside to receive a signal?
The antennae of your terminal and as with all satellite communications, requires line-of-site with the sky. Generally clouds and even lite foliage is ok but not a roof or other solid structure. Your Bgan terminal and antennae may be 2 pieces or are one compact single unit. If you plan on using the terminal outdoors or rather leaving the Bgan terminal outdoors you may prefer a terminal with a detachable antenna though in many cases even the transceiver can remain outside. Please see the next question on further indoor use.
22. Do I need special hardware or accessories to use the unit indoors?
For short durations a Bgan terminal will function normally while exposed to the elements so long as the temperature thresholds are not breached (extreme heat/cold). With that in mind most terminals can be accessorized with a mounting kit or even an enclosure with a cooling/heating element as your location demands. For M2M applications in remote areas Bgan enclosures and mounting kits are fairly standard, add stability/security to your hardware, and are easy to assemble.
23. What options are there for powering my Bgan unit out in the field?
Unless there is a vehicle or portable generator (110/220 is standard as is a car charger options) we recommend the only alternative however obvious, a solar charger. The battery will maintain a charger for typically 4-hours while transmitting though this may be shorter or longer depending on usage: throughput, sending or receiving. While powered-on, in stand-by mode the battery will last between 24 and 48-hours. At Bgan Satellite we highly recommend a solar power source when working without a support vehicle.
24. Can my portable Bgan terminal operate while moving?
Unfortunately no, not even on a slow moving river tributary at less the 5 knots will lose the signal as angle of the boat changes. There are specific Bgan terminals to use while in a vehicle or for maritime use where Bgan service is referred to as Fleet broadband (FBB).
25. What type of terminal do I need to use Bgan service in a vehicle?
Bgan Satellite offers several terminals with active antennae’s that are designed to be used in a vehicle while in driving up to 60mph (or 100kph) including but not limited to the Cobham explorer 325, explorer 727, Hughes 9350 and Hughes 9450. The vehicle mounted Bgan Terminals include a magnetic mount antennae that fixes to the roof of your vehicle and for those storm chasers the antennae can be bolted on as well. The transceiver sits safely within the confines of the vehicle where occupants can safely make calls, transfer files, and browse the internet. For extra-vehicular activities all mobile Bgan Satellite terminals include Wi-Fi providing voice and data capable connections up to 30m away from the vehicle.
26. What Bgan terminal and service is required while at sea or on a waterway?
Portable Bgan terminals have a passive antenna and are designed to function while stationary while Mobile Bgan terminals as mentioned in the previous question have an active antenna. Both portable and mobile terminal use Bgan service and share the same Bgan service plans, however for water going vessel there are a different suite of service plans referred to as Fleet broadband (FBB) and this service requires Fleet broadband terminals, with active antennae’s, designed specifically for maritime applications.
27. Is on-demand audio and/or video streaming available?
In addition to standard streaming an optional premium service call X-Stream is also available providing dedicated IP streaming speeds up to 450kbps. Streaming services including X-Stream from Bgan Satellite provide guaranteed throughput speeds for your live audio and/or video application requirements. Available service speeds and tariffs are available for your review by clicking this Bgan Rates link. As with standard sessions, to initiate a Bgan streaming session simply start Launchpad, select the ‘Data’ (Between ‘Setup’ and ‘Phone’) option from the Top line menu and then instead of selecting ‘Standard Session’, select a streaming speed is to initiate a Bgan streaming session From the Launchpad application on your PC.
28. Is an IP address available with my Bgan service?
Your Bgan service includes the provisioning of a single IP addresses. Additional IP addresses may be required by your VPN, conferencing, media or machine to machine applications and are available for purchase. For pricing on additional IP services please see the Bgan IP service pricing link.
29. Is weather a consideration when using Bgan?
Unlike VSAT terminals, inclement weather including heavy rain and snow will generally no impact your Bgan service. Clouds also will have little or no impact on service.
30. What’s the difference between narrow vs wide beam?
The 3 Bgan satellites emit 2 beams referred to as narrow, utilized for data traffic and a wide beam which handles voice and messaging. When you register through the Launchpad utility the wide beam is the default allowing for immediate use of voice and messaging services. When a data session is opened the narrow beam is in use.
31. Is there a Bgan network firewall with VPN capabilities?
Yes, Bgan Satellite can customize your firewall to limit access to a variety of protocols for email such as SMTP, POP3 and IMAP as well as web browsing and FTP. Bgan service is VPN capable and has been tested with Cisco Client, Remote Client, and Checkpoint however it is worth noting that not all VPN tunnelling works the same across all networks.
32. How do I access the BGAN Web Interface?
From previous questions, while the Bgan Launchpad Utility is the preferred access method it is also possible to configure All BGAN terminals are accessible from any connected browser. The web interface screens show system connecting status, as well as other parameters such as turning on and off Wi-Fi. Below is listed all BGAN terminals and the IP address to type into any browser to access that BGAN web interface screen.
33. What is the maximum number of bearers in any one I-4 satellite spot beam?
For I-4 broadband satellite services this is dependent on demand. Inmarsat has the flexibility to dynamically assign spectrum and power where it is needed. Capacity can be adjusted and allocated depending upon demonstrated demand for the BGAN family of services.
34. How does Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) work over BGAN, Fleet Broadband, or Swift Broadband?
We provide an IP bearer that is transparent to applications, including VoIP. We have tested common VoIP providers such as Skype.
35. Is there global barring available on BGAN?
SIM cards can be barred or disconnected for any location by the Distribution Partner (DP).
36. What is the total power output of an I-4 satellite?
The total EIRP (Effective Isotopically Radiated Power) that can be allocated to the narrow spot beams is 67 dbW.
37. Can an SMS text be sent to a pager service?
Some paging systems have been modified to receive text messages from the local mobile networks. The user will be unable to access the service if they are outside their own country because the numbering scheme (or plan) for pagers is not part of E.164 numbering.
38. When I receive an SMS text, do I pay for this?
No, the sender pays for the SMS.
39. What is the process to set up voicemail over BGAN?
Dial 57 or +870 772 001 899 from the BGAN network. Then follow the instructions on the recorded voicemail message. The user will be asked to select a PIN number (typically four characters or more) and to state their name. They will then be directed to create a personal greeting for their voicemail. When a new message is received, the network will automatically send a text (SMS) to their terminal. The user can then dial short code 57 to listen to the message.
40. Is ‘BGAN Launchpad’ able to send an SMS text directly after registration?
Once registered, the BGAN Launchpad software will be active and able to send and receive SMS.
41. Is there a map which shows the edge of BGAN coverage?
42. Is each SMS sent charged separately over BGAN?
Yes. There is a charge for each individual message.

From previous questions, while the Bgan Launchpad Utility is the preferred access method it is also possible to configure All BGAN terminals are accessible from any connected browser. The web interface screens show system connecting status, as well as other parameters such as turning on and off Wi-Fi. Below is listed all BGAN terminals and the IP address to type into any browser to access that BGAN web interface screen.

Portable Bgan Terminals Launchpad via Web IP Access
Portable BGAN Terminals

AdValue Wideye Sabre 1

Cobham Explorer 300

Cobham Explorer 500

Cobham Explorer 700

Hughes 9202

Hughes 9502
Vehicle Bgan Terminals

Advalue Wideye Safari

Cobham Explorer 325

Cobham Explorer 727

Hughes (Class 10) 9350

Hughes (Class 11) 9350

Hughes (Class 11) 9450

Isat Hub Wi-Fi Hot Spot

1. Video how to use the Isat HUB
2. What is the Isat HUB Wi-Fi hot spot?
Broadband Internet and Phone for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops. Internet, Email, Texting, Phone Services. Transforming your smart phone and tablet into a Satellite Hot spot.
3. How does the Isat HUB hot spot work?
Point the indicator that tell you what direction to aim the device. Connect via Wi-Fi and use your smart deice or laptop to activate the Isat Hub. Click “Connect to network” when the signal is strong enough.
4. What is the range for the Wi-Fi?
30 meters for high speed range and voice calling.
5. What is the speed?
384 Kbps down and 240 Kbps up.
6. What is the amount of device you can connect to the Wi-Fi hot spot?
No limit to the number of devices that you can connect.
7. What phones and tablets can I use?
IPhone and Android devices, free from App Stores or Google Play.
8. Can you Skype from this App?
9. How much does the Isat Hub weight & dimensions?
Weight 850 g. 179x170x30 mm.
11. How does the share accounts work?
Each sim card, can share from the same terminal.
12. How long does the battery last?
8 hours standby time, 2 hours transmit (at max power 100% of the time).
13. How do I Wi-Fi into the iSavi terminal?
You can select the iSavi IsatHub terminal from the list of available Wi-Fi networks from your wireless connect screen. The default Wi-Fi name (aka SSID) AND password for the iSavi are both on the back of the terminal printed on the placard. The default Wi-Fi password for the iSavi is different for each terminal. It is a 9 character length password that looks like 6801E392. You may change the Wi-Fi password to something memorable from inside of the IsatHub Control App or web interface (from a laptop). If you are connecting with a laptop, enter in into a browser to access the iSavi web interface. If you are using the IsatHub App, you just need to turn it on (and enter the login “admin” and password “1234” (without the quotes).
14. Can laptops use the iSavi and IsatHub network?
Yes. A laptop can wirelessly connect to the Isavi (with a Wi-Fi password which is different for all iSavis and located on the terminal placard, or on the iSavi packaging (see above)), and log into the web interface by typing in (or “isavi”) into any browser window (default login: admin password: 1234). The Web Interface for the iSavi gives the ability to register with the IsatHub network as well as initiate a data session. Once a data session has started, any device (including laptops) may simply connect to the Wi-Fi and use the service without any other configuration. The IsatHub Control App is not required to start a data session. Do note that the IsatHub Network is a “Low Priority” QOS (Quality Of Service) background IP service over the Inmarsat satellite network, meaning that speeds are shared, slower that BGAN speeds, and more unreliable for real-time video or audio transmissions. BGAN terminals and service are much more reliable and rugged and do not use “low priority” routing that the IsatHub terminals do.
15. What is the default login and password for the iSatHub web interface when logging in from a laptop/smart devices?
You may login into the IsatHub with any laptop by Wi-Fi (using the iSavi Wi-Fi password), and then opening any browser and typing in just the word iSavi, or the URL ….you will then be asked for a login and password:
Default login: admin
Default password: 1234
16. Voicemail – How do I setup and access my IsatHub voicemail account?
The iSatHub voice mail be accessed by calling 570 (short code) or 00-870-772001899 from a phone connected to your iSavi terminal (and using the Voice App), or by dialling 011-870-772001899 from any other phone (at least from the U.S.). Here are instructions for making and receiving calls with IsatHub iSavi. When prompted by the voicemail auto-attendant, you will be asked for your iSatHub phone number, as well as the Voicemail PIN number supplied by Ground Control. Here are detailed Instructions on setting up your Inmarsat Voicemail.
17. What terminals can access the IsatHub service?
Currently only the iSavi terminal from Wideye (aka Addvalue) will be able to access the Inmarsat IsatHub service.
18. Can the iSavi be placed in heavy rain?
Yes, and although the manufacture states the iSavi has an environmental IP (water ingress) rating of IP65 (which is very good, and highly questionable) we recommend placing the terminal inside of a large zip lock baggie during any rain.
19. What is the Wi-Fi range?
The integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi access point is capable of connecting devices up to a range of 30 meters (100 feet) from the terminal. However the user experience may vary depending on physical conditions (walls, etc.) as well as the capability of the Wi-Fi in each connected device. Note the default setting of the iSavi is 802.11 b. If you wish to use the “g” or “n” frequencies, they can be added from the web interface ( under the Wi-Fi settings.
20. Can the Wi-Fi channel be changed if the IsatHub Wi-Fi network is not at full strength?
Yes. Default is “Auto,” which means the iSavi will select the best channel on start-up. You may manually select a different broadcast channel from the Wi-Fi settings inside of the web interface ( under the Wi-Fi settings. More information on this can be found in the iSavi User’s Manual.
21. Can I configure which 802.11 b/g/n wireless frequencies are transmitting?
Yes. Default is 802.11b. You may select 802.11 b or b/g or b/g/n frequencies from the iSavi web interface ( from the Wi-Fi settings tab.
22. Are SD cards supported?
SD cards are not supported.
23. What data speeds is the IsatHub service capable of?
IsatHub supports background IP with speeds of up to 384 Kbps download speed and 240Kbps upload speeds.
24. What Apps are currently available for the IsatHub / iSavi?
Inmarsat offers two Apps for accessing the IsatHub service: The IsatHub Control App for pointing, connecting and usage meter and device controls, and 2). The IsatHub Voice App to enable voice calling and text messaging. Both apps are available in Apple iOS and Android versions. Both are available to download free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
25. Can more than one smart device connect to one terminal?
The IsatHub service has been designed to make sharing easy. This is enabled via Wi-Fi which may be password protected. Multiple devices may be connected at the same time but the speed of the connection will become less useful as the number of simultaneous users goes up. We expect a good user experience for up to 4 simultaneous users in most conditions.
26. Do I pay Roaming Charges for making a call from anywhere?
No. One bright feature to the international phone number provided by Inmarsat’s IsatHub service is that there will be no roaming charges for placing calls; therefore, the cost of using the iSavi can be significantly less than using your 3G/4G mobile phone or tablet when roaming away from your home area. The cost of making a call is the same no matter where you are.
27. How many voice calls can be made simultaneously?
One. Using the Inmarsat voice app, only one voice call can be made at once, as there is only one circuit switched channel per terminal.
28. If more than one phone is connected, and there is an incoming voice call, which phone will ring
All phones connected using the Inmarsat voice app will ring and the first to answer will be connected.
29. If more than one phone is connected, which can send or receive text messages?
Only the phone connected as control app administrator can receive or send texts, at least with the IsatHub Voice App SMS texting screen. Texts can be sent also from Web MMI if a user has admin credentials. Other SMS texting apps like iMessage will operate with current OS software.
30. Will a VoIP app work over the background IP connection?
If a user wants to use an end to end VoIP app, then the voice quality cannot be guaranteed as it will be over a best effort traffic connection. However, it is worth noting that some VoIP apps, including Skype, can be very data intensive and so may not work very well over the background IP connection and may result in higher anticipated use. It is for this reason that we recommend using the Inmarsat voice app to ensure high quality voice calls (this is a circuit PSTN type service).
31. Will IsatHub work with smart phone apps?
All Internet messaging apps for smart devices should work. However some settings may not be optimum for a satellite connection.
32. How will IsatHub manage background applications that connect to the Internet?
IsatHub is making use of a firewall to prevent too much data consumption in the background. However this will not prevent high volumes of data being sent in all cases.
33. How can subscribers manage their data usage levels?
Subscribers may track their usage via the usage counters that are available in the control app. This includes the ability for a usage limit or time limit to be set by the user themselves. In addition, it may be possible to set some apps to non-push mode to reduce the amount of data that is sent.
34. Does the control app provide visibility of data usage for each smart device connected?
Yes, the control app has counters for each device connected to the Wi-Fi LAN as well as a global counter. If the user sets a data limit, the counters will be reset. If no data limit is set the user may manually reset the counters.
35. In the control app, what does administrator rights allow?
Administrator rights allow the subscriber to set the firewall settings and the Wi-Fi password. If the person in the field is not the administrator, then they will only be able to select from the settings that have been preconfigured by the administrator. In most cases, the administrator, field operative and bill payer will all be the same person but it might be the case that they are separate entities, in which case it is recommended that there is only one person with administrator rights.

Iridium Go Wi-Fi Hot Spot

1. Video how to use the Iridium GO
2. How does it work?
Simply flip up the integrated antenna and the battery-powered unit connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation to create an anywhere Wi-Fi hotspot within approximately a 30.5-meter (100 foot) radius.
3. What does it support?
Iridium GO! Supports a full range of global communications, including voice calls, email access, applications, social networking, photo sharing, SMS two-way, GPS tracking, SOS alert. Full integration with the Predict Wind Offshore App (Mac/Windows), getting GRIB files, Weather Routing, GMDSS text forecasts and satellite imagery has never been easier. Friends & family can view your track on a web page customised for your boat. If your boat stops or alters course friends can see that you may need assistance.
4. Why would I choose the Iridium GO!
Iridium GO! Is small enough to fit in your pocket and — like other Iridium devices — tough enough to withstand rain, sand, dust, and rough use. It can easily be carried or stowed in your backpack or mounted in vehicles, aircraft, and boats for mobile applications.
5. Are there situations when the IMEI may not be populated in the call details records?
Yes, on rare occasions, there may be a situation like call forwarding to Voicemail where the IMEI is not populated in the CDR. It is also possible that other inbound calls may not have the IMEI populated in the call detail record.
6. Does the Iridium GO usage rates vary from region to region?
No. Rates do not vary by region.
7. Where will Iridium GO! ® Work?
Iridium GO! Will work anywhere on the surface of the planet.
8. How many devices can I connect to Iridium GO?
Five. Iridium GO! Will provide a satellite-backed Wi-Fi zone anywhere on the planet, enabling up to five devices to connect at one time to make calls, get emails, send text and much more.
9. How do I dial from my smartphone when using the Iridium GO! device?
Launch the Iridium GO! Application, login and press the Call icon. To make a call, enter the full dialling sequence: 00 or +[Country Code] [Phone Number], or user the Country flag dropdown menu. Press the green key to initiate the call.
10. What is the standby time of the battery versus talk time of Iridium GO?!
Battery stand-by time is up to 15.5 hours and battery talk time is up to 5.5 hours.
11. How durable is Iridium GO!?
Iridium GO! Has passed the Military Grade Durability Tests (MIL-STD 810F Test Procedures) and also has an IP65 Rating for being dust-proof and protected against jet-water.
12. What are the coldest and hottest temperatures at which the Iridium GO! device can operate?
-10ºC (50F) and +55 ºC (131F)
13. What are the dimensions of the Iridium GO! device?
Length- 81.7 mm (3.22”), width- 119.81 mm (4.69”), depth- 33.44 mm (1.32”), Weight (approximate)- 300g (w/battery) / 225g (w/out battery)
14. What is the number of user accounts that can be stored in the Iridium GO! device?
15. What is the data bandwidth/expected data speeds of Iridium GO!?
Iridium data communications are optimal for text-oriented and light graphical content using Iridium optimized applications that can accelerate data speeds up to 15x using compression. Standard broadband applications will not operate with Iridium GO!. Standard data speed without data compression and optimization is 2400bps.
16. How does Iridium GO! work?
Simply flip up the integrated antenna and the battery-powered unit connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation to create an anywhere Wi-Fi hotspot within approximately a 30.5-meter (100 foot) radius. With the use of the Iridium GO! Application, you can easily connect and operate up to 5 devices within this radius.
17. What type of power supply is required to operate/charge the Iridium GO! device?
Iridium GO! Comes with a universal AC travel charger with 4 international adapters and DC vehicle charger so it works with various power sources.
18. Is there a hard-wired LAN connection option instead of the Wi-Fi hotspot for Iridium GO!?
Iridium GO! Is designed for wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi networks and is not currently configured to support direct wired connections between a laptop and Iridium GO! using a USB cable.
19. How do I login to the Iridium GO! application?
To login to the Iridium GO! Application, press the Login button located at the bottom of the application home screen to enter your user name and password. The Iridium GO! application provides a default user name of Guest with a password Guest (both, the user name and password are case sensitive).
20. What does the Iridium Mail and Web application do?
Through the Iridium Mail & Web application on your device you can send and receive email, surf the web, interact with social media (posting to Facebook and Twitter), send photos and get weather updates.
21. Where is the Iridium GO! application available for downloading?
The Iridium GO! Application will be available on the Google Play™ store and the Apple iOS App Store
22. Where do I check for the latest firmware of Iridium GO!?
23. Setting up the Iridium GO
24. Is it necessary for an Iridium GO! user to have an active SIM card in their iPhone® or Android™ device in order for their device to connect to Iridium GO!?
No, Iridium GO! Users do not need an active SIM card in their smartphones to connect with Iridium GO!. To download and setup mobile applications such as Iridium GO! app or Iridium Mail & Web app (or any other apps compatible with Iridium GO!), an iPhone/Android user would only need a Wi-Fi connection. Users can initially connect to their home or office Wi-Fi network, download and setup mobile applications/email through the respective app stores (Apple iOS App store℠, Google Play™ store) without a SIM card inserted in their phones. Once a user has downloaded respective applications, he/she can connect to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi network and use the apps.
25. Can I utilize my cellular network while connected to the Iridium GO! device?
Iridium GO! is designed to be used outside of the range of cellular networks. Iridium GO! can be used within the range of cellular and Wi-Fi networks but can (at times) cause automatic switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks that can negatively impact the Wi-Fi connection between the smartphone and Iridium GO! device that is required to effectively operate Iridium GO!.
26. How many voice calls can be placed simultaneously with Iridium GO!?
A maximum of one voice call can be placed at one time, however, SMS messages can be sent while the voice call is in progress.
27. How many data calls can be placed simultaneously with Iridium GO!?
A maximum of one data call can be placed at one time, however, SMS messages can be sent while the data call is in progress
28. What is the maximum length of a short text message sent through the Iridium GO! application?
160 characters.
29. What is the maximum length of a long SMS (comprised of multiple 160-symbol messages) sent through the Iridium GO! application?
1000 characters.
30. Will I be prevented from typing more than 160 characters when sending a message through the Iridium GO! application?
No, the Iridium GO! application allows you to type up to 1000 characters.
31. How will a long SMS be displayed when received through the Iridium GO! application- as one or several messages?
The Iridium GO! application will display a long SMS (more than 160 characters) as a single message.
32. What happens once I reach the maximum number of characters for typing a message in the Iridium GO! application?
Once you reach 1000 characters (including the number of characters of the email recipient), you will be prevented from typing anymore.
33. What accessories are currently packaged with Iridium GO!?
  • Battery
  • Universal AC Travel Charger
  • USB Charging/Data Cable
  • Four International Adapters
  • DC Adapter (Car Charger)
  • Protective Cover
  • Legal Information Booklet
  • GEOS Emergency Services Brochure